We offer our customers a variety of approaches to satisfy any construction need or business plan goal. Specifically:



As Construction Manager, CPM Construction, Inc. functions as your consultant to help you build your building. We will assist you in all the stages of the project including design, bidding and construction, to ensure that your project is on the right track. The Construction Management approach allows you provide input during the design phase resulting in a more realistic budget and schedule for your project. In addition, you are part of the team that chooses who will perform the work on your project.


As General Contractor, the staff at CPM Construction, Inc. will manage the construction of your project. A member of our team will work with you and your architect to establish a clear scope of work for your project. We will seek to define every detail of your project, while selecting the most qualified subcontractors to perform the work. Our project managers and superintendents will strive for quality results, while closely monitoring your project budget and schedule.


  • As Design Builder, CPM Construction, Inc. plays a central role in the architectural planning as well as the actual construction. We will bring our experience and architectural resources into the early planning phases of your project. This allows the planning more realistic budgets and schedules during the early stages of your project. By putting CPM Construction, Inc. in charge of the whole project from design to completion, we can offer you the following benefits:
    • One-source of responsibility for both design and construction.
    • We work with architects outside of our company, giving you input from an independent expert on the design of your project.
    • Acceleration of the entire process.
    • Less risk of communications errors.
    • More accurate and complete project cost.